Sustainable Housing

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Our limited GRANT program offers individuals the opportunity to participate at no cost.

Please read more to learn about the offer…..

Thanks for your interest in our 2012 CobCabin Building Workshop!

Please make sure you have read all the documents pertaining to the workshop before

completing this application. This is the first step into entering the program.

We are seeking applicants who demonstrate a high level of enthusiasm, a deep

willingness to learn, and an appreciation for working with their hands and bodies.

Proactive, responsible, and physically capable participants with enthusiasm, and strong

Work Ethics.

This application will help us to better understand your particular skills and experiences.

Please send us a email expressing your interest and desired contribution….

Once we receive your application, expect to hear back from CobCabins within several

days confirming your acceptance into the workshop.  Thank you for applying!

Click here to continue the grant process….